KP500 (248F)

KP-500 High Temperature Easy Release vacuum bag tape

KP500 is a black colored sealant tape developed for the composite and wind blade industry as vacuum bag tape for vacuum bagging operations during wind blades and composite manufacturing.  This product has been formulate with aggressive initial tack, high reinforcing fiber to resist flow under heat and pressure, and it will maintain an air-tight seal during the cure cycle, yet strips clean from the tool surface, with virtually no residue.  Typical uses for this tape include debulking/compacting, envelope bagging, resin damming, or as a pressure strip.  KP500 provides minimal to no clean-up between production cycles. It exhibits these excellent usage and release characteristics from composite and metal tools in both oven and autoclave applications.  This tape has an optimum cure temperature range of room temperature to 248oF (120°C).

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